Right Underwear for the Right Outfit

Think of underwear as the skeleton of your outfit. You don't ever see it, but it holds everything together. The poor choice of underwear can ruin even the most stylish outfit. For instance, a sleek, curve-hugging dress, no matter how elegant, would look improper if people could see your panty line. A classy backless top can be ruined by exposed bra straps. 

With more types of bras and panties out there than one can imagine, you can wear the right kind of underwear to suit your outfit.

For everyday jeans and T-shirts: Wear basic cotton undies and bra. Cotton ensures breathability while a bra free of bulky underwires will ensure  that the extra support won’t be visible under a tight shirt. For shirts int early thin fabrics or tight, white shirts, nude coloured seamless bras are your best friend. Hipster panties work best with low-rise jeans to avoid peek-a-boo mishaps. 

For physically active days: Hipster panties or boy shorts will give you the comfort you need by allowing you to freely move around as you please.. Avoid underwear such as thongs when playing sports because they won't give you the support you need.  Also, since you will be sweating a lot, natural fabrics such as cotton are recommended. Also invest in a good sports bra, it will give you the support you need while working out.

For formal wear: It's best to wear a thong for long dresses that hug the body, and regular seamless panties for shorter dresses. Seamless underwear is a godsend, as it gives the comfort of a regular panty without the annoying visible panty lines. Try Jockey No Panty line Promise boy shorts. For backless dresses, consider nipple tape instead of a bra to keep the outfit looking classy, but since nipple tape does not provide support, you can also wear a bra specially made for backless or cut out dresses. These are usually made with multi-way straps or like a corset with a low back. ANother options is the Free Bra, a strapless alternative to your regular bra that adheres to your skin, making straps and visible nipples a non-issue.

For nights out: If you plan to wear a slinky little black dress, or any sexy number that flaunts your curves, consider using a body shaper under your outfit such as Spanx or Jockey's Shapewear line.This will pull in all the little bulges you don't want showing when trying to look awesome!

For work: Seamless panties work great under pencil skirts and nude or grey bras blend well with your skin under white button-down shirts. If work allows casual dressing, wear a strapless bra for tops with thin sleeves. A wireless bra would work well with a tight t-shirt and hipster undies will stay invisible under your jeans' waistband. 

Carmen Dell'Orefice: Best and Oldest Runway Model

Carmen Dell'Orefice was born before Fashion Week even existed. The 81-year-old, who walked the runway for both Marimekko and Norisol Ferrari at NYFW on Monday, is the oldest working supermodel in the industry and proud of it.

"It's what I enjoy doing, and I'm able to do it," she told the Today Show before stepping on to the runway in a mocha-colored floor-length gown.

Discovered at 13, while riding a New York City bus with her mom, she landed the cover of Vogue only three years later. That was back in 1947, when $7.50 an hour was the going rate for the gig.

"It meant nothing to me," she recalls of seeing her first cover, "except that I thought I looked like a little boy."
The octogenarian beauty has long shed any hint of tomboyish-ness. Her iconic white hair, which she's left dye-free for decades, has set the highest bar for aging gracefully.

She's had a little help, according to Today show correspondent and interviewer Jenna Bush Hager (yes that, Jenna). Dell'Orefice admits to using fillers for "cracks in the ceiling," but it takes a lot more than an injection to be one of the most in-demand models after 66 years in the business. Her shoulders thrust back in triumph, projecting a couture-worthy regality uncommon on the runway these days. It's the kind of peacocking pride only a veteran of the business can pull off. It's also a throwback to the days before slump-shouldered models, minimalism and Kate Moss made high fashion more bone-dry.

That may be why Dell'Orefice still works so much. When a designer or advertiser wants to convey true luxury, they call Dell'Orefice. In recent years, she's been the face of Rolex and Issac Mizrahi's Target line, between runway shows for Heart Truth, Adrienne Vittadini and Qasimi, among others. "I think America may be growing up and accepting the fact that the bulk of life exists beyond 50. Because demographically ... the vast population is over 50," says Dell'Orefice.

She's onto something: Older women with cash to spare have become a coveted demographic for marketers of luxury products. As a result, fashion has started is taking cues from women once considered past their prime. 

At 71, supermodel Veruschka stole the spotlight at Giles' runway show during London Fashion Week in 2010. That same year 45-year-old model Kristen McMenamy let her long hair go totally gray, and nubile style commentators like Tavi Gevinson and Kelly Osbourne followed suit (with the help of gray hair dye.)

Even outside fashion's tiny bubble, women, not girls, have taken the reigns of style. The most powerful cross-generational trendsetter in America today is a 48-year-old mother of two. That would be Michelle Obama, as if you couldn't guess.

Still in the world of modeling, youth is remains the beauty standard. While models as young as teenagers still share the stage with the likes of Dell'Orefice, there isn't much competition. She's already been the teen model and done the 'it' girl thing. She's also posed for Salvador Dali, married and divorced multiple times, had a child, quit modeling, raked in millions, and lost it all to Ponzi con-man Bernie Madoff, her ex-boyfriend's best friend. Dell'Orefice has personally intersected with some of modern history's most famous and infamous cultural touchstones, and she isn't slowing down at 81. 

At a Fashion Week event last Friday she was photographed linking arms with 28-year-old Olympian Ryan Lochte, looking every bit the model of the moment.

Hairstyles To Try For Different Occasions

Tie it, make it wavy and other fun ways to dress up your hair!

Fishtail braid. The fishtail braid looks deceptively tough but is actually an easy braid to pull off. Tie hair into a low ponytail (use a ribbon, small clamp, or something you can easily remove after). Section the ponytail into two parts. Take a piece from the outermost part of each section, e.g. leftmost for the section on your left, rightmost for right and move it to the other section. Keep doing this alternately until you reach the end of the ponytail and secure with an elastic or a cute hair accessory.

Ponytail. Ponytails aren't just for the gym anymore—make it textured or messy with a little body on the crown, or keep it high and sleek, both of which are frequently seen in the runways and red carpet. For us regular girls, it's a great hairstyle for a night out or a date (pair it with smoky eyes and a nice top that shows off your nape). An artfully messed up ponytail can also give you a sexy just-got-out-of-bed look. 

Beach waves. These texturized waves are universally flattering and can help you look ready for any occasion. You can choose to have it done semi-permanently through a salon or do it yourself to revert back to your usual straight style. If you don't have too much time to spare, a volumizing spray or mousse applied before weaving hair into a braid can leave you with instant sexy waves a few hours later. If you have the time and the willingness to go through a few steps, a wide-barreled curling tong can help give you sexy, tousled locks.

Messy updo. A favorite among Koreanovela stars it seems, the messy ballerina bun is such an in-demand hairstyle that Korean beauty shops actually sell tools and contraptions to get this style done quickly. Wear the messy updo to the gym, a movie date, or for an early morning meeting (the messy updo also turns bad hair days into cute Korean actress hair days). Pull hair back into a high ponytail, secure and wrap the ponytail around in a bun, leaving a few tendrils along the nape. Secure bun with hair pins. 

Instant fringe. Not too sure about getting bangs? Perfect for parties or events, clip-on bangs (available at most department stores or hair extension shops) can add an extra oomph to your style without any commitment on your part. Just make sure to look for a shade that is closest to your hair color so no one can tell the difference. Comb it straight down for a fierce, haute couture look or brush it to the side for a sweet and feminine style.

Mini braids. Small braids worn randomly tucked in your hair look laid back and bohemian. These mini braids also accentuate your new highlights and also work well with the current ombré hair color trend. Wear this to a casual get-together or when you feel like letting your hair down but keeping it out of your face. 

Makeup Tricks For Younger Look

Age is not kind to your face. Gravity affects firm, supple skin, leaving it saggy, droopy, and dreary. Sun exposure stains patchworks of spots and etches fine wrinkles onto once smooth surfaces. Considering time's ravages, it's easy to see why many women over 40 try to cover every wrinkle, crevice, and imperfection with cosmetics. 

It would be impossible to replicate the time-reversing, face-smoothing effects of Botox or plastic surgery at home. Yet a few clever makeup tricks can shave, if not decades, then at least a few years off your face.

Start with a soft foundation. Sometimes women try to hide the signs of aging beneath mounds of concealer and foundation. Bad idea. Heavy makeup settles into every line, accentuating wrinkles even more. Makeup doesn't cover wrinkles. Instead of smearing your skin in heavy makeup, it is recommended to use a primer first, followed by a thin layer of lightweight or sheer foundation. Don't try to actually hide anything. Just work with it. If you look at your face as a whole, the wrinkles aren't exactly covered, but if you do your makeup beautifully and appropriately for your age, you'll look great.

Use makeup daily. Although some 40+ women lay on the makeup too thickly, others take the opposite approach. They go completely bare. They give up and they stop wearing makeup. That's the worst thing you can do, because you look better in makeup. Even if you've had some "work" done at the hands of your plastic surgeon, you still need to wear at least a little bit of makeup. Makeup has a softening, glowing effect on the face. If you don't want to commit to full makeup, at least put on a little mascara and curl your lashes before leaving the house. 

Accentuate your eyes. The eyes may not literally be the windows to your soul as the adage suggests, but they're certainly the part of your face everyone notices first. A secret to age-defying eyes? You must start with an eye shadow primer or base to smooth out the eyelids. Then line the eyes with a dark brown or black pencil to widen them. For the top of the lids use neutral eye shadows -- dark brown or gray on the outer corners of the eye, taupe in the crease, and a light shade on the lid. The final touch is to curl the eyelashes and apply black mascara. The overall effect makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Once the eyes are perfect, the rest of the face just falls into place.

Erase dark circles. While we're on the subject of eyes, we can't forget those droopy dark circles that hang under them. It's hard to hide dark circles, but you can minimize them by using a concealer that's one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. The principle is that lighter makes something project more, and darker makes things look more recessed.

Send your bags packing. Abiding by that same principle, you never want to apply a light concealer to your bags -- it will only accentuate under-eye puffs. That's a mistake many women make. If bags are your problem, go with a heavier concealer that's slightly darker than your normal skin tone. If you have projecting bags, that's one way to make them diminish.

Minimize flaws. You can reuse your lighter concealer to hide age spots, sunspots, and other tiny imperfections. For a smoother look, Novick suggests applying moisturizer after you put on your concealer. Use a concealer brush to gently pat the moisturizer on top. 

Add a bronze glow.  As you get older, your skin loses some of its youthful glow, which can leave you looking pale and pasty. Restore a natural sun-kissed look with a few brushes of bronzer. It is recommended sweeping the bronzer across your cheekbones, then across your hairline at the top of your forehead. You can also add touches of bronzer to and under your chin, down the sides of your nose, and on its tip to de-accentuate those trouble spots. Use bronzer in a way that will color your face, but it will also sculpture your face.

Highlight your cheekbones. If the bronzer alone isn't giving you enough color, add a touch of pink blush on top. When applying blush, keep in mind that over time, your cheekbones may have dropped a little lower than they used to sit. Applying blush above your natural cheekbones can create a clownish look and age you even more. It makes you look older because it emphasizes that your cheeks have sagged. To find your real cheekbones, touch your cheek until you feel the bone projecting. It should start directly below the pupils of your eyes. Then sweep upward with your brush following the natural cheekbone line, which will narrow toward your temple.

Gloss over lips. Next to your eyes, your lips are the second most visible part of your face. You don't want people to stare at them for the wrong reason. One thing mature women have to steer clear of is the heavily dark lipsticks, especially the browns and deep reds. That makes you look really old. Instead of going dark, use a gloss to fill in cracks and crevices and plump up thinning lips. Then give your lips even more definition by outlining them with a light or nude-colored liner.

Thicken eyebrows. Thin eyebrows might be the height of fashion, but if you tweezed them too aggressively over the years, they may have stopped growing back. Fill in thinning brows with an eye pencil that's about the same color as your hair. For a natural look, Linter makes light dashes on the eyebrows with a powder-based pencil and then blends them in with a brow comb. 

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