Anna Molinari: Blumarine's Queen of Roses

Anna Molinari is the designer behind the label Blumarine which she founded in 1977 with her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini. At that time, she opened a house which produced knitwear, a selection of which remains in her collections in the form of sweater-girl shapes, sometimes trimmed with diamante. Later, with the help of Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino, the fledging label Blumarine developed its own look and style.

Her nickname sums her up perfectly: the queen of roses, on account of   her fondness for these magical and sensual flowers which represent the   image of the Blumarine label and symbolically embody its ideal of   femininity. Anna Molinari’s world is one of seduction and   charm, great vitality and a spontaneous sense of fun.  

Anna Molinari was recently featured at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012. Anna Molinari’s Spring collection featured fur, sheer, fringes, flowers, ruffles and neon brights. Gorgeous and feminine flower print dresses in bright colors were the main highlights of fashion show. Check out this video from FashionTV:

This runway show is beautiful in the sense of showing the result of art on clothes, in a very lady like fashion, but taking inspiration from many styles without overdoing it and staying mostly true to dresses and two pieces.

For  Anna  Molinari fashion is a mix of sensations  and cultural influences, a   return to the past and a vision of the  future, for a modern, sexy,   feminine and joyful woman.

Online Shopping Safety Tips

One of the coolest features available through the Internet is that when you use it, you are not bound by geographical location. This is especially handy when you shop. Shopping online can be fun, easy, convenient and economical, but just as in the real world, certain precautions must be taken. Here are five safety tips for online shopping.

Make comparison of the products you purchase. As your mother always said, do not jump on the first thing you see. Comparison shopping is important to ensure you get the right product at the best possible price.

Buy only on secure sites. Reputable online merchants should always be protected by SSL or SET-connection to keep your data safe. Check the address line of your browser window - you should see a small padlock icon and/or "https://" before the address instead of "http://". If you do not see them, shop somewhere else.

Don’t shop using Wi-Fi. When using Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, hotel, airport, or restaurant, you are making yourself vulnerable to identity theft. Your iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone and laptop can easily be hacked on a free or paid public Wi-Fi spot.

Shopping from your personal computer. When you enter your personal information on a public computer, you greatly increase the chances that your information will be stolen. You have no control over what type of spyware or malware might be infecting that computer. So, just don’t do it. Shop at home. It is much safer.

Use credit card instead of debit card. Credit cards happen to be the most secure way to pay the cyber store.Credit cards happen to be the most secure way to pay the cyber store. Most importantly, if the worst does happen and your account information is stolen or intercepted the worst they can do is run up charges on your card. With a debit card this would mean draining your bank account. 

Prices and selection are two of the best benefits to shopping online. However, don’t let the benefits lull you into complacency. Take time to shop safely, and be careful with the sites you choose to make purchases. Then, not only can you find great deals, but you can do it without the worry that your identity will be stolen in the process.

Cause and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

About 26 million American adults and children currently have diabetes. And worldwide the figure is estimated to be over 345 million. But here's the really scary part. Diabetes research shows that these numbers are expected to double within the next 20 years.

What Causes Diabetes Type 2? 
Type 2 diabetes is the result of insulin resistance. Your body makes enough insulin, but your cells aren't healthy enough to use it. This causes serious blood sugar problems that, over time, can damage your eyes, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels and heart. 

Based on analyzing diabetes research, it's evident what causes diabetes. Although a tendency towards the disease can be hereditary, studies show type 2 diabetes is the result of our "modern" lifestyle of poor diet, lack of exercise and overeating. 

Even when it doesn’t kill you, diabetes greatly increases your risk of: 
  • strokes,
  • blindness,
  • heart attack,
  • kidney failure,
  • nerve damage,
  • limb amputation,
  • sexual dysfunction.
And every 10 seconds someone dies from a diabetes-related cause. As a matter of fact, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, impotence and limb amputations. And every 30 seconds, someone with diabetes has a diabetes-related amputation. 

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

The two most common red flag diabetes symptoms are:
  • Unquenchable thirst. This is due to excess glucose circulating throughout the body and drawing water from tissues, which creates a feeling of dehydration.
  • Increased urination. To quench the thirst caused by diabetes, there's a tendency to drink more liquids, which leads to more trips to the bathroom.
Other pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes symptoms include:
  • Weight loss, gain or fluctuation. Because of loss of fluids, you may have an increased appetite. This can cause weight gain, but it may also lead to unexplained weight loss or even weight fluctuation.
  • Blurred vision. High blood sugar pulls fluid from tissues, including your eyes. This can affect your ability to focus and, over time, lead to blindness.
  • Dry and sometimes itchy skin. Because of high glucose blood levels and poor circulation, skin loses vital moisture. This can lead to dry legs, feet, elbows and genitals, which are then prone to cracking, peeling and infection.
  • Frequent infections or slow-healing sores. Diabetes interferes with your immune system's ability to heal cuts and bruises and fight off infection. For women, vaginal and bladder infections can be a particular problem.
  • Red, swollen and tender gums. An increased risk of infections can affect gums and the bones that hold teeth in place. You may develop sores or pus pockets and your gums can pull away from teeth, causing them to become loose.
  • Flu-like symptoms. Glucose is an important energy fuel. When your cells don't get enough, you can feel weak, drowsy, irritable and fatigued.
  • Tingling or numbness in arms and legs. Excess sugar in the blood leads to damage of small blood vessels to nerves. This can cause tingling, loss of sensation or burning pain in hands, arms, legs or feet.
Now that you know type 2 diabetes symptoms and causes, start making some lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes. Use this knowledge of diabetes causes and the symptoms of diabetes type 2 to be more physical activity and start to eat for great health and fitness.


Global Pinoy Bazaar--Rockwell Tent, Makati (November 5-6, 2011)

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 will feature businesses with 100% Filipino Love and Pride, displaying ladies’, men’s & children’s apparel, accessories, jewelries, bags & shoes, home decor, beachwear, home and wellness products, as well as Pinoy art and design.

Together with Yabang Pinoy’s community of Filipino entrepreneurs enthusiastic about Filipino artistry and craftsmanship, Yabang Pinoy will once again stage the 7th Global Pinoy Bazaar on November 5-6 2011 at Rockwell Tent, Makati City. 

Exhibitors for this year includes Hot Young Designers, Polymer Guild of the Philippines, Izzoshop Manila, The Tunic Project, H by G Licaros, Pic Season, I Love Koi, Pirouette, Startup Upstart, Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Badj Swimwear, Precious Pillow, Theo and Philo,Babinsky, Papelapelap, Creative Prints, Amber Lights, Laura Malaya Virata, Fab Manila, Choco-Late Batirol, Chinuts, Sorbetiya, Punchdrunk Panda, Simply Pie, Dragonfly Desserts, Mia Casal Pottery, Kitsune Shoes Manila, Shiq, Artwine, Art & Soul Novelties, Twee Shop, Beansprout, BEAD IT by Mikki, Heliana, Sunny Hats, Nima, Magu Clothing, Palabras at Letras, Ylla Shoes, Firefly Row, Yayin, Top Picks, Soakswimwear, DONA bags, TOMOE bags, Latitude, PacuTEES, Blushing Geisha, Quiditty Art and Travel, Anthill, TGLL, Sole Sisters Lifestyle, MCV Designs, Tala, H.E.A.R.T, Pink Label, Filed, The Sole Project, Mallos, Wooden Canvass Shop, Ephesians, Klay Girl, Likhang Artesana, DAS shoes, Alunsina, Blacklotus Corner, Skedaddle, Gifts and Graces, Kala Milk, Messy Bessy, The Leather Shop, Sewn, Paperpod Seedpaper, Poise Designs,Erzuille, Sinude, Estrellas Manila,Trendy Options, Bags in the City, Beachbaby, Footridge Company, Theraphy Bags, Fia Manila,BRYZ Bags, Django Leather, Island Girl, Devereau Clothing, Zeal, Qito, Pabryca De Disenyo, 7107 Clothing, Agos Pilipinas, Doodled Tees, Dodong, Bebang, MDM Design, Yadu, Anotnio’s Slices of Life, Kape ni Juan Misispi, ANG INK, Happyland, Futkalero, MY LIKHA, Kaya Natin Movement, Yellow Ribbon Movement, and many more.

SuperSale Bazaar Holiday Edition--World Trade Center (November 4-6, 2011)

Holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. On one hand, coining your wish list, finding the perfect gifts for your family and friends and going to many celebratory gatherings and parties can be fun, but the thought of dealing with immense crowds, impractical price tags, and chaotic store is enough to give anyone anxiety. Luckily, The SuperSale Team is bringing their only Holiday Bazaar earlier than everyone else to avoid the mad traffic and for you to get your hands on the newest fall pieces. The 11th SuperSale Bazaar is one of the trusty weekend shopping events in the metro, especially when it comes to the latest fashions. It is a premiere shopping destination for buying top luxury fashion, young stylist labels and online brands at up to 90% off retail prices.

The SuperSale Bazaar is once again providing you a little head start on all of must-have items to transformation ever so elegantly and to avoid the hassle of driving out to get presents. Everything you need is under one roof as The Team is holding the bazaar at the World Trade Center- the Mecca of Christmas shopping. This season, it will definitely be bigger and better with a variety of shops to choose from. The directory includes women’s fashion, children’s toys, sporting goods, home fixtures, and the list goes on.

You get to be the first to shop your favorite labels and at a very low price -- brands like Celline, Glitterati, Moonshine,  Style Break, Co Exist, MADE Jeans, Fancy Flats, Tonic, Vida Jewelries, Tocande, I Love Koi, all of which, plus many more, will be selling their new collections as well as their previous pieces on sale only for the 3-day weekend. In addition to amazing clothing and accessory options, The SuperSale Bazaar offers an incredible selection of gift items, Christmas decors and must-eat pastries, so you can basically buy new wardrobes or treat everyone you know to top-notch presents! So what are you waiting for? Go on a shopping spree this November 4-6, 2011, Friday to Sunday, 10am-9pm, at The World Trade Center and get the chance to win raffle prizes every hour.

5 Food Ideas To Boost Your Confidence

Researchers in McGill University in Montreal, Canada, found that food containing the amino acid tryptophan makes people more confident. Volunteers in the study who were given three grammes of tryptophan supplements said they felt more confident when in social situations. That’s because tryptophan boosts levels of serotonin, a chemical your brain produces that makes you feel relaxed and good about yourself. In fact, most anti-depressants work to boost serotonin levels in the body. This generally follows that heightened levels of serotonin in the body has anti-depressant effects.

Here are some you can add to your grocery list or order the next time you’re out lunching with friends:

Green Leafy Veggies. Popeye was onto something when he gobbled up spinach nonstop to stay healthy. Green leafy veggies such as spinach are high in folic acid. Studies show that the higher the folic acid in your body, the higher the serotonin present. You can get more folic acid by eating dried beans, almonds, nuts and lentils. 

Fatty Fish like salmon contain essential fats like DHA. Studies show that DHA alters the composition of nerve cell membranes, which in turn reduces depressive symptoms. Have a meal consisting of either salmon, sardines or mackerel three times a week if you can. If you’re worried about mercury poisoning or can’t stand the taste of fish, consider taking a fish oil supplement instead.

Turkey is notorious for its tryptophan content. Turkey is one of the best protein foods that boost serotonin levels. It’s also rich in essential fats. The next time you hit the deli, consider getting yourself a turkey and cranberry sub!

Buckwheat. This natural starch food contains the most tryptophan out of all the starchy carbs. The high levels of Vitamin B present in buckwheat are key to what makes this a great mood improver. Research shows that certain B vitamins help in proper serotonin synthesis in the brain. Don’t be afraid you’ll be packing in on the calories just because this food is starch-based; you need to include a starchy carb that increases serotonin in your diet as this clears all other amino acids from your bloodstream, leaving only tryptophan to cross the blood-brain barrier. This then gets converted into serotonin. The trick is to eat starchy carbs in moderation. Pair a multi-grain piece of bread with some leftover roast chicken for lunch. The protein from the chicken helps create more serotonin.

Dark Chocolate. You read that right – cocoa is well known to increase serotonin levels! The key is to buy dark chocolate that has a 70 per cent or higher cocoa content. Keep in mind: the darker the chocolate, the more anti-oxidants and polyphenols. Don’t think this gives you the license to eat every chocolate bar in sight though. Chocolate bars are still high in sugar! While you may think those sweets are making you happy, your waist line surely wouldn’t agree!

Fashion Tips For Men's Different Body Shape

Dressing well and looking good is easy when you know what fashion tips to follow. Just like women, men also come in different body types and require different styles, cuts and patterns depending on their frame. If you follow these basic fashion tips, you're bound to look great.

So, you've worked hard in the gym, and you have the body to prove it, but you can still make use of helpful tips to look as good in a suit as you look in a tank and gym shorts:
  • Avoid tight slacks: If your thighs are very muscular, you may have trouble finding pants that are roomy in this area, but you should shop around until you find a brand or designer that makes slacks that aren't tight on your legs.
  • Buy the right size: Surprisingly, some men seem to prefer tight-fitting clothes or are just stuck on wearing a certain size, even if it's too small. When shopping for shirts and blazers, buy a size that gives you room to swing your arms around. You should be able to flex in your jackets without straining the seams.

If, like many men who put on weight, you find an excess baggage in your stomach area, follow these men's body shape fashion tips to help disguise it and not draw more attention to a larger belly:

  • Wear pants that fit around your waist, not under it: For many men, gaining weight in the stomach is met with denial. They refuse to buy slacks in a larger waist size, so their bellies hang over the waistband of their pants. It's best to buy slacks that fit around your natural waist.
  • Vertical details help: Vertical stripes help to bring the eyes up and down, which gives the illusion of thinness. Stripes should be narrow, not overly wide, for the best look.

Big and Tall
For the man who's taller than average (whether or not he's also overweight), finding clothes that fit perfectly can be a challenge. You want your slacks to fall past your ankles and your shirt sleeves to come all the way to your wrists. For the most flattering look, big and tall men should:

  • Avoid too many patterns: There's nothing wrong with a tropical shirt; however, if you wear a patterned top, then the rest of your outfit should be plain and simple
  • Buy in big and tall men's stores: You need pants and shirt sleeves in the right lengths. Shopping in a regular men's department that caters to men of average height will probably yield some disappointing finds.
  • Dark colors are slimming: If you're on the heavy side, black is universally slimming, as most women already know. Look into navy blue, charcoal grey and chocolate brown as other choices outside of basic black.

Shorter Guy
Chances are, if you're shorter than average, you want your clothes to help you appear taller. Short men should:
  • Wear pants that fall past the ankle: While this is a good rule to follow for all men, this is crucial for short men. Your slacks should have a natural break at the top of your foot. Pants that fall shorter than that risk making your legs look shorter.
  • Sick to monochromatic looks: When you wear the same color or color family head-to-toe it helps to elongate you. This doesn't mean you have to wear a navy blue shirt and navy blue slacks, but a blue shirt in any shade paired with dark-blue slacks will give you a longer look than a yellow shirt with black pants.

We all have different body shapes and sizes.  No matter what your shape or size is, the important factor is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

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