Right Underwear for the Right Outfit

Think of underwear as the skeleton of your outfit. You don't ever see it, but it holds everything together. The poor choice of underwear can ruin even the most stylish outfit. For instance, a sleek, curve-hugging dress, no matter how elegant, would look improper if people could see your panty line. A classy backless top can be ruined by exposed bra straps. 

With more types of bras and panties out there than one can imagine, you can wear the right kind of underwear to suit your outfit.

For everyday jeans and T-shirts: Wear basic cotton undies and bra. Cotton ensures breathability while a bra free of bulky underwires will ensure  that the extra support won’t be visible under a tight shirt. For shirts int early thin fabrics or tight, white shirts, nude coloured seamless bras are your best friend. Hipster panties work best with low-rise jeans to avoid peek-a-boo mishaps. 

For physically active days: Hipster panties or boy shorts will give you the comfort you need by allowing you to freely move around as you please.. Avoid underwear such as thongs when playing sports because they won't give you the support you need.  Also, since you will be sweating a lot, natural fabrics such as cotton are recommended. Also invest in a good sports bra, it will give you the support you need while working out.

For formal wear: It's best to wear a thong for long dresses that hug the body, and regular seamless panties for shorter dresses. Seamless underwear is a godsend, as it gives the comfort of a regular panty without the annoying visible panty lines. Try Jockey No Panty line Promise boy shorts. For backless dresses, consider nipple tape instead of a bra to keep the outfit looking classy, but since nipple tape does not provide support, you can also wear a bra specially made for backless or cut out dresses. These are usually made with multi-way straps or like a corset with a low back. ANother options is the Free Bra, a strapless alternative to your regular bra that adheres to your skin, making straps and visible nipples a non-issue.

For nights out: If you plan to wear a slinky little black dress, or any sexy number that flaunts your curves, consider using a body shaper under your outfit such as Spanx or Jockey's Shapewear line.This will pull in all the little bulges you don't want showing when trying to look awesome!

For work: Seamless panties work great under pencil skirts and nude or grey bras blend well with your skin under white button-down shirts. If work allows casual dressing, wear a strapless bra for tops with thin sleeves. A wireless bra would work well with a tight t-shirt and hipster undies will stay invisible under your jeans' waistband. 

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