12th World Bazaar Festival at the World Trade Center - December 7 to 23, 2012

In celebrating their tradition of promoting and organizing world-class events, Worldbex Services International (WSI), in cooperation with ABS CBN, brings you the 12th World Bazaar Festival. It is the year’s longest Christmas charity bazaar’s running from from December 7 to 23 at the World Trade Center.

Drop in at the fair from Monday to Thursday from 12 noon to 10pm and Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 midnight for the opportunity to experience while being entertained by different shows and attractions provided by ABS-CBN talents live on stage. Relax and enjoy yourselves as you shop and dine in this Christmas shopping haven for the benefit of your family and ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

The World Bazaar Festival will be featuring over 800 booths from the country’s top retail brands covering everything from toys to gadgets to books to handicrafts, kitchenware, and houseware. The bazaar has over 618 participating companies and a 25,000 square meter shopping area for 230,000 shoppers.

Be updated with the latest Kapamilya shows as ABS CBN launches their 2013 programs for everyone to enjoy at the event. You can also check out homemade desserts to give this coming Christmas at Woobie’s Goodies where pavilions of baked organic goods and snacks are available for sale.

The 12th World Bazaar Festival will also showcase top brands in Designers Avenue like Rustan’s, Rayban, Rudy Project, Converse, Celine, CMG group, Play and Display, Goody, Hang Ten, Enfant, Adidas, Puma, FILA, Converse, Triumph and unique, hard to find Christmas decorations and ornaments from the Christmas Decors Producers and Exporters Association of the Philippines.

“Last year’s World Bazaar Festival was an overwhelming success, with thousands of people pouring in to shop their hearts out with our wide selection of products. This year, we look forward to organizing a Christmas charity bazaar that’s bigger and better than before with all our new highlights,” JR Ang, Worldbex Marketing Director, shares.

This year, there will be two weekend highlights for the World Bazaar Festival. Get the chance to grab the hottest gadgets  as top suppliers gather to put together the best shopping experience for you in the Appliance & Gadgets Craze. Meet and greet your favorite bloggers in Bloggers Block, done in cooperation with Bloggers United, where the top bloggers will pool together for a weekend blog hopping attraction with names such as Laureen Uy, Divine Lee, Camille Co, Victor Basa, David Guison, Lissa Kahayon and Kryz Uy to name a few. Both are pocket events which will happen simultaneously in the WTCMM East Wing.

5 Basic Skin Care Tips for Women

For many people in their 20s, when it comes to health, beauty and just life in general, skin care is not their primary concern. With all the many changes that often occur during this period of our lives, from identifying life and career goals to surviving college and to truly entering the ‘real world’, the 20’s are a time of great upheaval for many people. What most people don’t realize, however, is that your 20s is also a critical time to create a skin care routine that will prevent wrinkles and set the tone for good skin throughout the rest of your life. Here are some simple tips on how to maintain a good skin.

1) Protect Your Skin From the Sun. The number one thing you can do to stay young and beautiful is to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Not only does tanning (naturally or in sun beds) harm your skin and make you look older, it can also cause skin cancer. Wear an sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher on your face and body every day. 

2) Drink Plenty of Water. Dull looking skin can simply be the result of skimping on water intake. Many women don't realize that when you hydrate your body, you hydrate your skin too. Water helps plump up your cells to make them look younger and fresher, so be sure to drink up. 

3) Get Your Beauty Sleep.  It seems cliché, but nothing drags down your looks like a lack of sleep does. When you're tired, your skin shows it by looking dull, your eyes can get puffy and dark circles appear. Shoot for at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night if you want to look your best. 

4) Keep it Clean. Although washing your face at the end of the day may seem like a chore, your effort is well worth it in the long run. When you go to bed without washing, the dirt of the day mixes with your makeup and skin oils to clog pores and dull skin. 

5) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. Just like your body needs hydration from water, your skin needs moisture to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Apply a high quality moisturizer with an SPF of at least 25 every morning before you apply makeup. At night, wash your face and then apply a heavier night cream to maximize moisture absorption as you sleep. 

Tips in Buying a Blazer for Men

 When it comes to blazers, there are two points to note: one- that it is an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe and two- it is superbly versatile, more than a suit or a sports jacket.

A blazer is great for a winter evening as it keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. They make you look sleek and smart and covers all that extra, err, baggage that you’re trying to get rid of and are definitely a hot pick this season. We give you simple steps into choosing a blazer that will look perfect on you and last you long enough to make an impression.

The most important step when it comes to getting the right blazer is the measurement aspect. Your blazer’s fit can make or break your outfit. Remember, if it’s shapeless, it’s useless. We understand that your blazer should have enough room for movement and not let you feel all suffocated, but we surely don’t understand why you would get a size bigger just to let it loosely and shapelessly hang on your body! Your blazer should just smoothly follow the natural shape of your body without being too tight or loose. The shoulders of your blazer should end at the shoulder, the length should be just above your bottom covering just an inch of it and the arms should be tapering towards your wrist. Isn’t that simple? Blazer fit is definitely not complicated if you remember these simple steps while getting one made or selecting one from a store.

A blazer comes in many styles that you can choose from like the American style blazer with two buttons in the front with soft shoulders, an English blazer that is more suppressed or an Italian blazer that is more relaxed, flexible and less structured. Choose your style according to your personality and comfort.

A blazer can be made of different fabrics, the most common one being the flannel wool that is good for colder climates. The corduroy is also a smart choice for a classy evening while linen blazers are perfect for a hot summer’s afternoon. Different patterns or woven wool is also preferred for the winters.

Navy blue blazers are definitely the classic choice with or without brass buttons. If you’re wearing the buttons, accessorize it with a gold watch and a gold belt buckle to complete the look. This type of blazer can be paired with any coloured pants like brown, beige, olive and black. Its versatility is quite prominent once worn.

Your overall comfort is very important. So once you have worn your entire outfit, look and in the mirror and see if you feel good. If your mind makes no complaints, you’re definitely on the right track!

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