Harmful Beauty Trends to Avoid in 2013

So many beautifying techniques sound like a really great idea -- who wouldn't want to restore moisture and elasticity to their skin, deep condition and soften their hair, or get a pretty glow? But in our ever-enduring efforts to look our best, we can sometimes fall prey to unhealthy and even dangerous treatments.

Here are five beauty trends we saw this year that are just plain bad for you:

Keratin Straightening Systems

We've long been concerned about keratin treatments -- also known as Brazilian Straightening treatments. But as of earlier this year, the two biggest manufacturers of the treatment will include a warning about the carcinogenic effects of formaldehyde gas that is emitted when the product is mixed.`

Black Market Butt Injections

Loose solutions like silicone are not approved for injections in humans, and yet this fast-growing treatment that is meant to augment your posterior is regularly conducted at home or by unlicensed people, often known as "shot girls". 

In a certified surgeon's office, the typical augmentation would be done using the patient's own fat. And though any medical procedure caries its own set of risks, it's obvious that the regulated and controlled process conducted by a licensed physician is a safer bet.


This year's tanning mom was a cautionary tale if there ever was one -- though the majority of tanners obviously don't look quite like her. But even if that tanning-bed session gave you a healthy-looking glow, you're now 29 percent more likely to develop basal-cell carcinomas and 69 percent more likely to get squamous-cell carcinomas -- two types of deadly skin cancer.

Fish Spa Pedicures

It sounds harmless enough: Toothless carp known as "doctor fish" nibble away at the dead skin cells that form unsightly callouses on a person's feet. But a recent analysis of fish slated for spas throughout the U.K. showed they were found to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as Vibrio vulnificus, Vibrio cholerae, S. agalactiae and even Streptococcus agalactiae, which can cause pneumonia and other serious infections. 

That callous-sloughing razor doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Bikini Waxes

At least one crusader -- a family doctor who runs a student health center in the U.K. -- is out to end the practice of bikini waxing. 

Dr. Emily Gibson explains that waxing pubic hair creates microtears in skin that, in turn, makes waxers more vulnerable to picking up infections -- either from bacteria that grows in the genital region, or from sexually transmitted disease. 

“Pubic hair does have a purpose, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, and protection from bacteria," wrote Gibson in MedPage Today. "It is the visible result of adolescent hormones and certainly nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.”

How to Treat a Stuffy Nose?

Winter knock you off your game? What's the best thing to do for a stuffy nose?

There's no secret formula, so you'll need to try treatments one at a time to see what works for you. Use this backgrounder on some common decloggers; as always, read labels for directions and side effect info. 

Antihistamines: They fight histamines, chemicals that cause congestion and stuffyiness during an infection or allergy attack. Older ones such as Benadryl may make you sleepy, so look for newer formulas marked nondrowsy. 

Decongestants: Oral decongestants with pseudoephedrine work to clear you up by shrinking swollen nasal tissues, but they could make you jittery. Nasal sprays are great for occasional relief, but they lose effectiveness with prolonged use. 

Nasal irrigation: Neti pots and the like can help literally wash out congestion. Saline sprays moisten nasal passages and ease inflammation to relieve stuffiness. Both can be used in tandem with most over-the-counter or Rx meds, too. 

Natural cures: Sprays with capsaicin, the stuff that makes chiles spicy, may clear congestion, but there's not a ton of research to back this up. I say: Natural treatments may work, but use them carefully-too much of anything can hurt you. 

Holiday Beauty Tips

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holidays--holiday parties! You may already have your outfits planned for the numerous get-togethers on your schedule, but have you figured out your statement-making beauty looks to go with them? We're highlighting the eye-catching beauty tips and trends that will make you truly sparkle this season. 

For work-related events - You don't want a look that's too out there--focus on sophistication with a touch of glamour. Always remember to apply moisturizer before any sort of foundation, ensuring a smooth base. Try an eyeshadow in either gold, brown, or silver, depending on skin tone, and stick to neutral lip shades close to your natural lip color. Vamp it up with eyeliner and a heavy coat of mascara on top and lower lashes. For hair, test drive the down 'do with a side-swept and modern version of a French twist. Be sure to try a tailored pair of printed pants with a simple tank and a tuxedo blazer for an authoritative yet festive holiday outfit.

For weekend night parties - Cat eyes are perfect for sexy and adventurous weekend looks. Starting with a clean eye, use a liquid liner to achieve this retro style--no need to line your lower lids. Try tousled and voluminous hair for a seductive vibe. We suggest a peplum mini dress in a fun metallic shade with black ankle booties instead of pumps, and feel free to accessorize with an embellished belt.

For daytime shindigs - Be daring with a bold lip--they're not just for the evening anymore! A sheer red for daytime, with the rest of your look clean and understated, of course, is the perfect way to take that beauty leap. For your hair, try a half-up style with volume for an effortless yet jazzed up feel. A cozy sweater with leather leggings are all you'll need to shine during any daytime event!

Eating Healthy This Holiday Season

Pause for a moment amid crazy schedules to appreciate the joy surrounding you this holiday.
The true testament to the power of food goes beyond any sensory gratification to the feelings of love and togetherness it evokes. Yet, it seems so easy to overlook the deeper pleasures of the table amid the hectic holiday swirl. 

The body's logic is to respond to any stressor by focusing on taking as much food as possible and storing it. But you're not enjoying it. So if you're stressed-and most people are during the holidays-you will overeat and won't enjoy the time.

By encouraging you to let go of stressors and enjoy the food you're eating, mindfulness can help you make the most of your food choices, paving the way for truly appreciating and savoring them.

1. Inhale and exhale. 
Slow, deep, even breathing tells the brain stem to put the entire brain into a state of calm. Take five deep in-and-out breaths after you sit down at the table and before you lift your fork.

2. Give thanks.
The parts of your brain that are associated with gratitude and appreciation cannot operate when there is stress. But the good news is the reverse is also true: If you're focused on gratitude, the stress can't take over. Gratitude stops addictive patterns in the brain.  After your five deep breaths, allow yourself a moment of gratitude, silent reflection, or prayer for the food you are about to eat.

3. All food is good.
Remove "good" and "bad" from your food vocabulary. You can't completely enjoy a piece of cake if you're telling yourself it is bad for you. There is no such thing as a bad or wrong food. If you get rid of the judgmental language around food, it becomes less stressful. When making food decisions, try replacing "I should" or "I shouldn't" with "I choose to.

4. Replay frustrating situations.
When you do find yourself mindlessly eating or reacting to stress by reaching for something sweet or salty (it does happen to everyone), forgive yourself and move on. Because we tend to remember what we did wrong, it helps to replay it in your mind with a different outcome. It's a way of rehearsing that behavior so it replicates more easily. Instead of mentally putting yourself through the ringer, replay the situation in your head again. You went overboard with the cheese board or the cocktail bar, and you're unhappy. Replay the scenario, only this time you're taking a bite or sip, enjoying it slowly, and truly savoring every flavor.

5. Enjoy what's on your plate.
Never eat anything you don't enjoy, and truly enjoy everything you eat. Take the first four bites of your meals slowly and with full attention on the food: Savor the flavors and textures so that you can begin to understand what mindful eating feels like.

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