Must-Avoid Horrible Fashion Mistakes

Although there are an increasing number of fashionable-forward guys in today's modern style-conscious world there are still plenty of style atrocities committed by millions of men daily. There are many common issues with the male style sense, covering everything from socks and sandals to gender's general disregard for properly fitted clothing. The good news is that you are reading this and from now on, you will no longer unknowingly commit these style crimes. It is easy to be commanding and stylish and there are many small details that can add that extra polish to give you, the modern day man, a fashionable, yet masculine edge. Here are 10 easy tips to navigate you away from potential blunders. 

Forget about logos

Many men are under the assumption that they have good taste in fashion if they are covered in designer logos from head to toe. This is a very common misconception people hold but the reality is that having style is truly more about color coordination and thinking outside the box when it comes to personal expression than it is about brand names. Dressing brand logos from head to toe is not stylish.

Clothing should fit right

Men around the world tackle the world each day dressed in a suit; unfortunately, most of these guys are strutting around in a suit that is too big for them. Suits are great but wearing a suit that is too big for you gives you an unflattering image. But this isn't just true of professional attire; in fact, wearing any article of clothing that doesn't fit properly will give you a messy and unpolished appearance and is thus a style sin. Improper fit can also influence the perception of your health making you look bloated or sickly.

Choose appropriate "kicks"

Knowing which shoes are appropriate for what occasion is a rule many men disobey. One of the biggest fashion taboos, which is surprisingly sometimes broken, is wearing athletic sneakers with professional garments. This is completely inappropriate. There are more casual shoe style options that provide a casual feel, such as "fashion sneakers." These shoes encompass the best aesthetics of a formal fashion shoe and comfortable sneaker. They are available in a wide variety of styles ranging from conservative to bold, casual to formal.

Keep your shoes clean

One of the first impressions women are said to notice about men is the state of their shoes so it is crucial to ensure that your shoes are well maintained and always clean. Dress shoes should always be polished and buffed every 3-5 uses and cleaned using the appropriate cleaner. Ensuring that your shoes are clean will not only give them a longer wear life but it will also give you a polished and crisp image. 

Note your tie length

Another common mistake many men make is to wear their ties too long or too short. Doing this gives your body a very disproportionate appearance and although you may not notice it close up, it is very noticeable at a distance. The correct length for a tie is to sit just above the belt. Many use the triangular tip as a guide as it should be touching or sit just on top of the belt buckle. This gives your torso and legs the correct proportional image and gives you an overall lean appearance.

Stains don't magically disappear

Men are definitely more careless when it comes to maintaining their clothing. Accidents happen and stains do occur but they should be taken care of immediately. This is especially important if you invest large amounts of money into your wardrobe. The longer a stain is left unattended, the harder it becomes to wash out, so clean it up immediately. For anyone who thinks minor clothing stains will go unnoticed, think again. 

Avoid matching socks with sandals

The, perhaps, most widely spread issue involving senseless male fashion is our gender's popular fascination with wearing socks and sandals. The entire functional purpose of a sandal as footwear is to allow the skin to breathe and ventilate itself. This cannot be achieved with a thick layer of fabric between your skin and the air. Choosing the right socks (or no socks) for the right occasion makes a larger impression than you may think. Wear business appropriate socks to work; this means no ankle socks or white gym socks.

Less is more when it comes to cologne

There's no need to use up half the bottle on one night's outing. Many men douse themselves in cologne from head to toe in fear of smelling bad in public. Contrary to popular belief, saturating your skin in cologne only blocks its ability for the essential oils in the cologne to react with your body's chemistry. In turn, you come off as a strong powerhouse of overbearing stench. There are many different application techniques for cologne but it is important to spray body areas where heat is generated. One of the best areas is the chest, neck or back. The legs, right behind the knees, are also a great area to spray once on each side, as the heat will cause the scent to travel upwards. 

Take care of the mane

Hair care is an essential part of grooming for all men. Constantly covering messy hair with hats and toques does nothing but constrict your image and your hair. Getting a haircut every 2-4 weeks is a great way to ensure your hair is tamed, healthy and fashionable. When choosing a hairstyle, choose a style that is appropriate for your head shape and size. The key is balance. 

Backpacks are meant for school

With the amount of versatility in the men's fashion industry today, it's necessary for men to keep in accordance with the overall trend. This trend, however, does not include using backpacks at work, yet it's more common than you might think. Carrying a backpack in the workplace will give off the impression you're still an amateur; a student in your field. For a more mature and professional image that allow the comfort and easy of a pack, consider investing in a messenger bag; although briefcases never go out of style. There are a variety of designs for all tastes and budgets. 

Being more fashion wary will not only improve your appearance but it will also improve your confidence and attitude.

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