Best Neckline For Your Body Shape

Who knew that switching up your neckline could enhance your best features? Or that considering body type and shape could guide you to the most flattering style?

Crewneck: Crewnecks circle closely around the neck. If you want to cover or shorten your neck, a narrow crew is the style to look for! Though the least "open" compared to other neckline options, the crewneck emphasizes larger bust lines. Look for crews that fall just below the clavicle, and skim your body, to flatter your curves!

Cowlneck: A cowlneck has a turtleneck-style opening that adds interest with the addition of fold-over fabric. Like the scoopneck, this style is also great for adding volume to the chest...the extra fabric gathers over the bust as it hangs!
Cowlnecks are great for narrow, boyish-frame body types because they balance out the bust-line while drawing attention to the face, neck, and collarbone!

Scoopneck: Scoopnecks can be deep, rounded u-necks, or squared off into boatneck styles. These necklines add definition, fullness, and volume to the top, which is great for pear-shaped body types.
Broader, wider necks help balance a smaller top half with a larger bottom, and can also camouflage broad shoulders. These styles also emphasize your curves!

V-neck: A v-neck is the most universally flattering style because it elongates the neck. It has an open neckline, drawing the eye downward to a point, which is great for preventing hourglass figures from looking top-heavy.
V-necks can be deep or shallow, depending on your preference. Wide, fitted v-necks are great for showing off a tiny waistline, while open, boyfriend v-necks highlight the neckline without clinging to your chest.

Try on a few different styles to see which cut is the most flattering. Chances are, you will find yourself liking more than one!

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