Hottest Fitness Trends in 2012

Did you achieve your fitness goals for 2011?  Are you establishing a new fitness plan for 2012?   If you are at a loss for ideas on which direction, your fitness plan should take, here is a sneak peak at the fitness trends for 2012.

  • Educated and experienced fitness professionals.  Many larger clubs offering group classes will have certified and educated instructors.  However, with so many smaller gyms/clubs opening and offering quick 4-6 week boot camps or other quick programs be sure to find out if the fitness instructors are educated, certified and trained. Education, experience and certification will ensure you have a professional who is trained to provide you with a safe and effective workout program.
  • Strength training.  With so many benefits to strength training it is no wonder why this remains at the top of the list.  Strength training is the compliment to your aerobic workout.
  • Fitness programs for older adults.  As people enter their retirement years, having a fitness program designed specifically for the older adult is not only beneficial for health purposes, but also it is a way to meet new friends and can be very affordable.
  • Exercise and weight loss.   Exercise coupled together with nutrition is the key to any successful weight-loss program.
  • Children and obesity.  Childhood obesity is still climbing at an alarming rate.  Programs are being designed for overweight and obese children.  If childhood obesity can be solved today, it will have a positive impact on the healthcare industry for years to come.
  • Personal Training.  Many more students are majoring in kinesiology, which means that many people are preparing themselves for careers in the fitness industry.  Most clubs/gyms will not employ personal trainers without proper certifications and credentials.
  • Core training.   Core training is superficially designed to target the middle body muscles, including pelvis, hips and abdomen, which provide support to the spine.
  • Group personal training.  Training 2-3 people at a time is a much more cost-effective way for the clients and the trainers, especially during these economic conditions.
  • Zumba and other dance workouts.  Dance workouts provide lots of energy, enthusiasm and great music.   Dance workouts have some interval-type moves, which will get your heart rate up and provide you with some aerobic activity.
  • Functional fitness.   More and more fitness professionals are using functional fitness as a strength-training method to improve balance and assist in everyday life.

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