Diet-Friendly Cocktails for the Holidays

Just because you're watching your figure doesn't mean you can't enjoy a couple of cocktails this season! Whether you're hitting the holiday party circuit or just having drinks with friends, knowing the most diet-friendly drinks to order ahead of time will help fight impulse choices and keep you slim into the New Year. Here are six cocktails that won't hurt your holiday waistline. Cheers!

Skinny Pirate
This is a pretty basic twist on rum and coke: combine one shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with 5 ounces Diet Coke. Add a lime slice and it's good to go Don't worry about it tasting "diet-y"-the lime and rum will mask the pesky aftertaste. It's worth it: this cocktail has only 80 calories.

Gin and (Diet) Tonic
Tonic water is surprisingly high in sugar, so if you're hankering for a gin and tonic, ask for diet tonic water or just good old plain water. Since gin is low in calories (64 calories an ounce!) you'll be able to partake in several of these bad boys without breaking the 200-calorie mark.

Vodka and Soda
If gin isn't for you, try vodka. It, too, has 64 calories an ounce and can be paired with almost anything. For the least amount of calories possible, match it with club soda, which adds zero to the caloric tally. Add a slice of lime for a hint of citrus. Alternatively, if you want something a bit more flavorful, try raspberry or black cherry infused vodka with club soda or Diet Sprite. It'll add 40 more calories but at 104 calories total, you're still in diet territory.

Sugar-Free Red Bull and Vodka
If you love Red Bull and vodka, you can drink a just-as-good modified version this holiday season by swapping in a Sugar-Free Red Bull version. That simple switch eliminates a whopping 170 calories from the drink! In fact, this slightly tweaked cocktail only has 74 calories. Enjoy!

If you'd prefer to avoid ordering a "diet" drink, sip on champagne instead. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but it's worth it with only 78 calories per glass. Just remember, a normal serving is only 4 ounces so keep track if your bartender is heavy-handed.

No, it's not a cocktail, but if you're a beer person and don't like lite options, a Guinness is the next-best thing. Boasting only 150 calories (that's less than almost all regular beers!), it's also really filling so you won't be pounding them down or nibbling on appetizers.

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