Anna Molinari: Blumarine's Queen of Roses

Anna Molinari is the designer behind the label Blumarine which she founded in 1977 with her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini. At that time, she opened a house which produced knitwear, a selection of which remains in her collections in the form of sweater-girl shapes, sometimes trimmed with diamante. Later, with the help of Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino, the fledging label Blumarine developed its own look and style.

Her nickname sums her up perfectly: the queen of roses, on account of   her fondness for these magical and sensual flowers which represent the   image of the Blumarine label and symbolically embody its ideal of   femininity. Anna Molinari’s world is one of seduction and   charm, great vitality and a spontaneous sense of fun.  

Anna Molinari was recently featured at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012. Anna Molinari’s Spring collection featured fur, sheer, fringes, flowers, ruffles and neon brights. Gorgeous and feminine flower print dresses in bright colors were the main highlights of fashion show. Check out this video from FashionTV:

This runway show is beautiful in the sense of showing the result of art on clothes, in a very lady like fashion, but taking inspiration from many styles without overdoing it and staying mostly true to dresses and two pieces.

For  Anna  Molinari fashion is a mix of sensations  and cultural influences, a   return to the past and a vision of the  future, for a modern, sexy,   feminine and joyful woman.

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