Men's Wardrobe Essential

We never actually stop and question ourselves on the basics of men's fashion. What are men's fashion must-haves anyhow?

Men's fashion essentials will incontestably vary in price and style according to men given age, income bracket, work environment, and personal style, but rarely the actual list's substance vary from what we've compiled hereinafter. Read the following list and take note of which fashion items are missing from your wardrobe.

Formal Attire

A suit (black or gray)
If you need only one suit, buy a classic black or gray single-breasted suit. Classic black or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with khakis or jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on.

Blue/White Button-Down Shirt
A dressy white shirt is a must-have for suits and/or dressy pants for more formal occasions. It's a classic article that will never go out of style. (If you're a banker, you'll have to wear a blue or white button-down shirt every working day of your life.)

Another essential item is a good pair of dress slacks, again preferably in a dark color like black or navy. They will come in handy when you are going to an event that doesn’t require a suit, but does require something nicer than khakis or jeans.
Several Tie 
A tie is a fashion essential because it complements the suit. Although you should have a variety of ties, you should always purchase at least one new, sensational tie per year because tie trends change frequently.
If you wear suits every day, you should buy a trendy tie every season. That way you'll be in style and look sharp every time you wear a suit, as it will allow you to accumulate a nice collection of diverse ties in the process.

Black Shoes and Belt
One of the biggest fashion mistakes is to mismatch the color of your belt with that of your shoes. Wearing both black shoes and belt is a fashion fundamental and will bail you out for any occasion, whether it's casual or formal. If your budget for fashion goods is rather low, buy at least one pair of black leather shoes and belt.

Casual Wear

Whether you are an investment banker or fitness instructor, a hoodie is an essential item for your wardrobe. There will always be a time when you need to dress down, and this can be for any number of reasons; winter jogging, sports event, bad hair-day or just a bad neighbourhood.

They look good when they're brand new and even when they're somewhat worn out. Blue jeans are versatile and comfortable, and can easily be combined with dressier shoes, sneakers, sandals, or loafers to make for a great sporty look.

Wearing nice-looking sneakers with jeans or any other type of sporty pants looks amazing, not to mention that it's extremely comfortable. Buy at least one pair of new sneakers a year.


Absolutely, nothing functions well without timing and although mobile phones, mp3’s and iPads display time., wristwatch is a statement. It can be a  casual, discrete,  professional, luxury, affordable and nearly anything else.

A leather wallet is a must-have fashion accessory that every man should own. It's practical, enduring and will look great in both formal and casual occasions. A black or brown leather wallet is also a sure bet because it blends perfectly with most of your attire,and is a classic that will never go out of style.

Men's Bag
The best thing about the man-bag is that no one knows what’s inside, and therefore creates a look of mystery, fashion and groovy altogether. There are several types including the messenger bag, holdall and newsboy bag amongst others.

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