Simple Tips on How to Quit Smoking

Analyze reasons to quit
Many people find it really terrible smoking but don't know how to quit. You can start by thinking out various reasons why you must stop or at least, a reason. Review these reasons thoroughly and draw a conclusion at the back of your mind. 

Take aggressive decision
Because smoking is a passionate habit, having analyze reasons why you must quit smoking,make one but a brave and bold decision to put an end to the habit. Get a pen and write your decision boldly somewhere you can see it everyday.

Determination of purpose
Try to be very determined to quit, be very passionate about your decision. Memorize on it all time and above all, seriousness counts, be very serious about you new decision.

Engage in worthwhile activities
Try be creative, get yourself engaged in meaningful activities that can occupy your mind frame completely, it could be something you love doing before or something new. When you think/feel about smoking "don't give in to it." Concentrate on the worthwhile activities and be true to yourself.

Abstain from friends that smokes
During this period of training yourself to quit smoking, abstain from your friends that are smoking. Meanwhile, withdraw from co-habit like alcohol and other form of drugs. These may hamper your success.

Go closer to friends that don't smokes
Go closer to friends that doesn't smoke at all and hates it. They are your true friends at this period and can encourage you, make you begin to enjoy your new decision.

Alternate smoking with regular intake of fruits
Let your intake of fruits increase than as you use to. This is because you have to feed your cells with healthier chemicals as you want to flush out the unhealthy chemicals from your cells.

Be persistent on your decision
To effectively quit smoking, you have to be persistent on your new mind-set. By the count of each day, go to where you had boldly written your decision on earlier and re-assure yourself of the goals to be achieved, following these tips and again; truthfulness to yourself.

Practically realize purpose
Practically realize the purpose of applying these steps by following the steps from start to finish continually until you starts seeing positive results.

Give your reasons a pass mark
Having applied these tips to quit smoking, measure your purpose. Make out time and review each reason, check out for the one that has been met with then, give it a pass mark and apply tips again until achieve any reason that had not been met with if any.

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