2013 Must-Try Hairstyles for Women

There's no time like winter break to do a little beauty experimenting! Your hairstyle is a great place to start because even small changes can make a big difference. If you're timid, try a temporary change, like adding a new accessory into your routine. If you're bold, consider bangs. Grab your comb, some hairspray, and a few bobby pins and don't forget to deep condition! Whether you like updos, braids, or major waves, you'll reemerge from vacation with a new look that you can soon be calling your signature this season. 

Long Blunt Bangs
If you already have blunt bangs, then you're halfway there-just keep on growing! But if forehead fringe isn't in the cards for you, go for clip-ins. Make sure they match your hair color as closely as possible and pop on a set. Look for ones made of real hair so you can style them as you would if they were natural. Should the length get in your way during classes, just brush them to the side for an equally flatting swoop.

Pink Streaks
Perk up winter hair with a touch of pink.  There are many ways to add streaks to your strands, but start by using spray-on versions of wash-out formula color at home to test out the look. Make sure to isolate the strands you want to color and pull back the rest so you don't end up with a complete head of cotton candy-colored hair. Begin with a few small sections-it's always easier to add more than to remove the hue and start again.

Mini Headband Braid
The hairstyle that goes along with the "headband" can be a bun, a ponytail, or even mussed waves. 

The size of this braid makes the look a snap to recreate at home because you're only working with a very little section. Use a bobby pin that's similar in color to your hair to discretely secure it into place behind your ear.

Low Ponytail and Side Bangs
This simple style is elevated by sleek side bangs. There's a retro feel to the sophisticated and elegant look that could dress up a t-shirt and jeans or accompany a prom dress. 

If you don't have fringe of your own, fake it by sweeping a section of your hair across your forehead and pinning it at the back. You can use a curling iron to get a bit of flip at the end of your ponytail or bangs. Complete the 'do with a shine spray to achieve a high gloss finish.

Strong Side Part
Wearing your hair parted all the way to one side of your head is quick and easy but also ultra-glamorous. 

Pick a side and start parting! You can go for major old Hollywood glamour with added volume or go for a beachy feel using a salt spray and a touch of teasing to achieve the more tousled look from the runway.

Strappy Leather Accessories 
Every look could use a little leather. For a simple take on the trend, look for a leather (or pleather!) headband. 

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