Spring 2012 Most Essential Makeup Tips

This spring is all about bright lips, shimmery smoky eyes and flawless, natural-looking skin--three makeup looks that aren't easy to pull off. Here are some tips for this season's most essential makeup. 

Learn to love bright lips. 
It seems that almost every celebrity who walks down the red carpet these days is sporting a bright lip. The look is fresh, flirty and a welcome change after years of slicking on sheer lip gloss. But, bright lips can definitely be daunting. 

As for choosing the right color, a true coral lipstick is the most wearable. It's a balance of pink and orange so you get a little of both, and it works on both warm and cool skin tones.
Another wearable color: fuchsia. It's flattering on all skin tones, but maybe wear it as a sheer stain so it's not over the top. Also, a neutral brick red is always wearable. Avoid those bright orange colors. They can make your teeth look yellow, like you just smoked a pack of cigarettes or drank a cup of coffee.

Go ahead and be messy with eyeliner. 
Eyeliner that's perfectly straight and sharp not only looks old fashioned, but it's also very hard on the eyes. Eyeliner is almost always better if it has softness to it.

So if you're scared of botching an eyeliner application, don't worry. Mess it up as much as you want, then use a cotton swap to blend a matching eye shadow over it and smoke it out. This way you'll have all of the best elements of having a great eyeliner look and it was easy to do.

Match your foundation to your collarbone, not your jawline. 
Very few women can boast that they have naturally flawless and radiant skin. And to fake it, you need to find a foundation or tinted moisturizer formula that not only feels great, but is also the right color.

Women always think that they should match their foundation to their jawline, but that's not true. Since you wash your face twice a day, and most likely exfoliate it regularly, your face will always be lighter than your body. To make your face match the rest of your body, you should really match your foundation to your collarbone.

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