Swimsuit for Your Body Figure

Let's be honest: shopping for swimsuits isn't terribly fun. There's always a huge selection of string bikinis for women with "bikini-ready" bodies but not a lot of options for the rest of us. But that doesn't mean you can't find something perfect for your shape. To help ease your swimsuit shopping experience, we found a bunch of super cute suits for every body type. 

Big bust
Always stick with solids-they do a much better job of minimizing. And never-ever!-go strapless. Try a halter with thick straps, which emphasizes shoulders instead of your bust. Look for suits featuring underwire and nylon or Lycra fabric-it helps lift breasts and create a leaner look. 

Small bust
Bandeau styles, make the less endowed appear voluptuous. Add some built-in padding and color and you'll be ready to hit the beach. Cute bottoms also draw the eye away from the bust area. 

Plus size
The most important part of a suit is the material. Make sure you find something well structured with solid support. Look for built-in bras and tummy support panels. And don't forget: halter-tops are universally flattering. 

Long torso
The best way to flatter a long torso is with a two-piece suit. A two-toned one is even better: one color on top and another on the bottom makes the waist look smaller. Also, it's best to avoid bottoms that cut straight across the waist-they aren't the best style for this body type. 

Bottom heavy
Find a suit that adds a little to the bust area-think ruffles. Skip string bikini bottoms and instead opt for something with more coverage made from strong material to help hold you in. 

Belly bulge
A suit that doesn't hug your curves? Yes please!  If you've got a little belly, this is the perfect suit to camouflage your trouble area-and look totally on trend! 

Tight clothing isn't comfortable when you're pregnant-and maternity swimsuits are no exception. While you don't want the suit to be baggy, you do want to make sure you won't feel constricted or uncomfortable when wearing it. Skip the big prints too. Solid colors are the most flattering.

Boyish frame
Add some femininity with a cute pattern and some ruffles or gathered material.  A cute halter-top will bring the eyes towards the bosom. 

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