How to Rock the Retro Look This Spring 2012

Swingy. A-line skirts and skinny little cropped pants took over the spring runways. We swooned...and then we grabbed 'em all up for our March issue. Pick what works on you, and learn how to make it very 2012. 

A few '50s do's: 

  • High-waist anything with a wide belt is the perfect vehicle for an hourglass shape.
  • A tutu (really!) under a swingy skirt. Instant party!
  • Cap sleeves. Somehow they turn even a T-shirt into a blouse.
  • A high ponytail. Show off your face, just like your mama always told you to.
  • One retro piece at a time: You don't want a sweet cardigan and capris and that pony.

And some '50s don'ts:

  • Girdles! Oppressive. Let 'em stay buried with the Cold War.
  • White gloves. How are you going to use your iPhone?
  • Poodle skirts. For October 31 only, please.
  • Vintage clip-on earrings. They look so good but hurt so bad. You'll need Advil.
  • Trying to live today's life with yesterday's handbag. Nothing's wrong with a prim little box clutch; just bring a tote too!

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