2012 Trendy Hairstyles for Women

The Tucked Ponytail
Breezy and effortless, the tucked-under ponytail works with any hair texture (and takes no more than a minute). Just gather hair into a pony a few inches above the nape of your neck, wrap an elastic around twice to secure the base, leaving the ends out on the final turn to form a bump. Slide in a colorful comb for extra embellishment.

The Looped Knot 
The bun has come undone — and been transformed into an elegant circular knot. Try it on hair that's been blown straight and misted with shine serum to add a sophisticated polish. Then create a ponytail but only pull the tail halfway through. To finish, wrap a few loose pieces around the base. 

The Soft Roll
More proof that the roaring 20s are in fact roaring again: the classic Flapper roll has been reinvented for 2012. This time, it's rolled over — not under — and worn with a dramatic side-part to form an elegant sweep across the face. 

The Wraparound Braid
Instead of French braiding hair down your back, go around your head. Keep the plait loose and soft — a few wisps around the face gives some youthful appeal.

The Jeweled Headband
The slim, sparkly headband — spotted here on the always-cool Kate Moss — is the perfect counterpart to buns, twists and just about any updo. Pretty without being overpowering, it adds understated twinkle when you need it. 

The Slicker Chignon
What breaks the chignon free from its retro past? Wearing it with the season's new hair texture — wet and glistening. Comb through liberal amounts of gel then position the chignon low on your head. (Weaving in some priceless sea pearls works too).

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