Pasko Magnifico 2011 -- (November 29 - December 1; December 15, 2011)

Christmas is around the corner, bazaars and trade fairs for this season of shopping are everywhere, and those are the exciting happenings you will ever go through. Pasko Magnifico is one of the exciting bazaars that will happen this Christmas season. It is a 6-day celebration of Megaworld for the yuletide season that includes bazaars, cosplay and live music from Pinoy artists and bands.

Megaworld's Pasko Magnifico 2011 comprises a 6-day event that is divided into two sub-events that will be celebrated for two different dates and locations. The first half of the celebration will take place at Venice Piazza McKinley or Piazza Gardens starting on November 29 - December 1, 2011. The last three days will happen at Eastwood City Central Plaza on December until December 15, 2011.

So what will you expect to see & enjoy during these six days? Spectators will be delighted to watch exceptional live performances from Pinoy Music artist & bands, revel in cosplays & enjoy the pleasure of going through the open markets that will be opened with their diverse products and displays & these are also the raffles promos that customers can join in, among other satisfying activities.

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