Johan Ku: Impressive Fashion Designer of Asia

Johan Ku, the award-winning designer, started his career as a graphic designer, since he was 17 years old. He established his own design studio in 2005, and he had participated Hong Kong Fashion Week twice in 2007.

For Spring/Summer 2012, Johan Ku presented a collection at Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week called "The Two Faces." The pieces look a certain way in the light but change as they glow in the dark. Lights flashed as the show began and a model paraded to the middle of the floor where she turned in a circle to let the audience have a good look as the lights dimmed and her garment took on a whole new appearance.

WWD Japan ranked his 2012 Spring/Summer collection “The two faces” as one of the top seven collections in the Mercedes-Benz Tokyo fashion week. His work appeared in many renowned magazines (Marie-Claire, GQ, Vogue, Elle…) and his “Emotional Sculpture” collection won Gen Art’s Design Vision Avant-Garde award in New York in December 2009. Indeed, the former graphic designer from Taipei, Johan Ku, has already found his place in the fashion industry. He is now established in London, after studying fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College.

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