Eat Right on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving gatherings mean special people, special foods and lots of temptation to indulge. Think about what foods you want to eat, which ones you will just sample and which ones you will skip. 

You won’t need to unbutton your pants after Turkey Day if you pick the less greasy, sugary, or super-heavy stuff. 

SKIP IT: Candied Sweet Potatoes
PICK IT: Mashed Potato with Gravy
Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins but are usually prepared with tons of sugar and heaps of butter. Take a small scoop of mashed potatoes instead, especially if they’re made with skim milk (not cream) and just a touch of butter.

Candied Sweet Potatoes--Mash Potato with Gravy

SKIP IT: Pecan Pie
PICK IT: Pumpkin Pie
The gooey, syrupy pecans are pretty heavy after a full meal, but pumpkin filling is lighter, with about half the calories. (Bonus: You score some immune boosting Vitamin A!)

Pecan Pie--Pumpkin Pie

SKIP IT: Green Bean Casserole
PICK IT: Sautéed String  Beans
Want to know a secret? Casserole is often code for hidden fats, like heavy creams and butter. So when it comes to veggies, remember this: the simpler, the better!

Green Bean Casserole--Sauteed String Beans

SKIP IT: Turkey Drumstick with Skin
PICK IT: White Meat Turkey
Protein on your plate is key—it satisfy you and kills the urge to overeat. If you choose white meat over dark, you’ll cut out almost as much fat as you’d find in your dessert. (Really!)

Turkey with Skin--White Meat Turkey

SKIP IT: Biscuit with Butter
PICK IT: Whole Wheat Bread
Too many starchy carbs can cause major bloat. So make stuffing with whole wheat bread instead, and ask Mom to cook it outside the turkey—it won’t soak up all the grease!

Biscuit with Butter--Whole Wheat Bread

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