Discover Your Makeup Personality

Your own personal style is a major factor when you want to feel good under your own skin. This rule doesn’t apply only when you’re choosing your clothes but also when you do your make up. The make up you wear and how you wear it can be an open window to your personality. However, the make up you feel most comfortable in is usually representative of your personality.

Red lipstick. Wearing red lipstick indicates that you are powerful, confident, and have no fear. This makes you very intentional in your actions. You're a go-getter -- you know what you want, and you go after it. Bold lips reflect a "bold and upbeat personality." You choose for your inner wild child to be reflected through your makeup. No wonder people naturally gravitate toward you.

Nude lips. Nude lips are usually worn by a woman who understands balance. You don't feel the need to please people, because you're not afraid of what others think. At the same time, something tells us you don't take yourself very seriously -- which is a quality, we think every girl need.

Glossy lips. Glossy lips are the symbol of youth. So if you regularly wear lip gloss, especially a lot of it, be aware that people might see you as a bit young and immature.However, wearing just the right amount of lip gloss can be a sign of confidence, since you obviously don't mind drawing attention to your lips. Just stay away from piling on five layers of it. That might mean that you're a bit insecure. Plus, think about your make out buddy. You wouldn't want to kiss a pair of sticky lips, would you? I didn't think so.

Smoky eye makeup. Women who wear smoky eye makeup tend to be on the mysterious side. You give off the message that you're a sultry woman with a good sense of your own sexuality and inner power. Because you're drawing attention to your eyes, you tend to be a "guy pleaser". Since they're the windows to your soul, men look into your eyes more than any other facial feature.

Pastel eyeshadow. These characteristics probably describe you perfectly: innocent, feminine, carefree, and a natural belle. And no wonder -- the soft colors are super romantic. 

Cat eye makeup. This classic look isn't for everyone, so if you can pull it off, it means you're expressive and confident in your inner beauty. And as everyone knows, confidence is super sexy -- so it's no surprise that your calendar is chock-full of dates. Wearing a cat eye also shows that you believe small details have a big impact. So, you never forget your BFF's birthday, fave ice cream flavor, or shoe size. It may sound small, but those little details tell people just how much you appreciate them.

Bold brows. Bold brows are a sign of strength and structure. Since they're the anchors of your face, they demand attention from those around you. And because of the amount of grooming they require, you're most likely a perfectionist. Your mantra: No stray hairs allowed.

False lashes. Two words: high maintenance It is a way too much work to wear fake lashes all the time. And during the day, they look just like they're described -- fake. After all, you don't need all that glam during the day (unless you're a reality show star), so it can look like you're trying to hide who you really are. However, it's a totally different story when you're going out at night. In that situation, they scream "fun and flirty". You're not afraid to live it up in the middle of the dance floor or make the first move when it comes to dating. Just be careful about your fake eyelash application. The trick is to put them on so they don't look like falsies. As long as you master that, it shows you know how to be subtly seductive.

Colored eyeliner. If colored eyeliner is a staple in your look, you're likely your friends' go-to person when it comes to makeup. You're also not afraid to take risks, and you're always ready for the next challenge in your life. You love finding inspiration all around you, and you're totally in-sync with what's on a trend.

Glitter or shimmer. Glitter used to be seen as young, immature, and girly. Luckily, that rule only applies if you don't know how to wear glitter in a balanced way. Keep in mind it's an actual skill to be able to pull off a look like this. And if you do it right, it's a clue that you "know your assets," you're spontaneous, and you love having fun.

Bronzed skin. Think you just look better with a (fake) tan? A darker skin tone makes you look"sexy and sultry." Bronzed skin also "reflects your exotic nature". Others will assume you've been vacationing somewhere with sun, sand, and ocean.

Minimal makeup. Don't wear many makeups? Some people might think you're boring or plain, but it simply shows that you're comfortable in your own skin. When worn purposefully, minimal makeup is a clear sign that you have a strong self-image and know how to let your natural beauty tell your story. And there's nothing more beautiful than a girl who knows she doesn't need makeup to look pretty.

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