Amy Winehouse: Hottest Halloween Costume 2011

Amy Jade Winehouse was an English singer-songwriter known for her powerful deep contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B, soul and jazz. Amy Winehouse is one of this year's hottest Halloween costumes - possibly now even more popular than the Bride of Frankenstein (a long-time monster party staple).

Amy Winehouse Hair
In order to create this celebrity look, you must get a long black wig. It should have some level of thickness to it. Amy Winehouse tends to wear a large hive of hair on the top of her head while the rest hangs down.
You can do this by taking the front half of your wig and folding or rolling it backward to make a large bun-like shape. Secure the hair by pinning it with dark colored hair clips or pins. There should be more hair left over in the back.  If the entire wig has long hair, make sure to separate a small portion in the front. Choose any side that you like and cut that portion short. Curl it to create front end bangs for this celebrity Halloween costume idea. A head band can be worn in the front as well.

 Amy Winehouse Clothes
There are two kinds of looks that this singer shows off. One is very feminine and the other is overly casual. You can wear Ripped Denim Shorts and a tank top for the latter. Women who prefer the more feminine Amy Winehouse look can wear a nice knee length dress. If it has sleeves, make sure that they are short.
One way to save money on clothes for this celebrity Halloween costume idea is to use what you already own. An old pair of denim jeans can be cut into shorts and then placed in the washing machine. This will create lots of fringes and a rough look.

Amy Winehouse Shoes
If you are going casual for Halloween, wear a pair of ballerina shoes. For the more feminine look, wear a pair of high heels with your celebrity Halloween costume. These heels should match the dress. I would not recommend wearing heels that are extremely high or uncomfortable if you will be standing for more than three hours.

Amy Winehouse Accessories
Tattoos and large gold "ghetto" like jewelry are the perfect accessories to go with this celebrity Halloween costume idea. It may be difficult to imitate the singer's tattoos exactly. That is why I recommend buying a variety of temporary tattoos. These should be placed on both arms. They can be any style, so go wild with this part of the Halloween costume.

Amy Winehouse Halloween costume finish
Buy some fake eyelashes and wear along with pink or red lipstick. If you want to skip the eyelashes, use black eyeliner. Make sure to lay the eyeliner on thick and draw it out further on both sides of your eyes. Doing so will definitely make others know which celebrity you are for Halloween. A wireless microphone and bottle of beer will also go perfectly with this Halloween costume idea.

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